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Freddie The Firefly Highchair Toy



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Suitable for age 0-2
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Frustrated that your baby,infant keeps crying for no reason. do you want to make it stop. ok then here is how. give your baby the freddie firefly, a custom designed teddy,bear like, soft, infant toy that will make you and your little one very happy. vivid colors and handyness you may hang it on the buggy of the baby, in the crib, in your car you name it. you may even place it on the eating chair of your baby, so that he,she will have her best buddy keeping him company. traps the child's attention and does not let go , the vibrant, high contrast colors of the toy make it a must have. a toy that provides you freedom keep your toddler busy and you may do anything else in the meantime , any housework left behind for example. your little one will be occupied for long hours, playing with all the features of the toy. it's safe and you have no risk giving freddie yo your child. it is very soft(chewable soft), no,harmful areas or surfaces , cannot be torn apart easily. baby proof. does not contain parts small enough to be ingested , swallowed, plus it comes with 100% money back guarantee. go on then. buy yourself some precious time and a fine toy for your tiny one with just a click.


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