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Playgro - Dingly Dangly Floss The Fairy



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Suitable for age 0-2
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Product Description

Let your little one play with this amazing Dingly Dangly Floss the Fairy. Watch your baby when they rattle, shake and teethe with this rattle. The doll is made of plush, satin, woven and ribbed fabrics. Textured teether is provided for baby's teething needs. Vibrant colors and pattern in the rattle helps to develop their visual perception and tactile stimulation. The rattling beads rattle when they shake that helps to develop their auditory sense. It can be used as the decorative element for strollers, cots and child's room. It is a perfect companion for your little one. Color and design of the rattle is attractive. It is soft and safe. Quality is good.


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